24/02/2014 07:30 GMT | Updated 24/02/2014 12:59 GMT

Apple Is Officially Less Cool Than Andrex, According To Consumer Superbrands

Laura Lean/PA Wire
The logo on the Apple store in Regent Street, London, turned red for the 25th World AIDS Day.

A new poll of the UK's leading brands has placed Apple below Andrex.

Apple fell to 14th position in the latest Consumer Superbrands survey, which has been run every year since 1995, from its position as second in the list in 2013.

That puts the iPhone maker below Google, Heinz and even Kellogg’s, the survey of 3,000 adults and their brand loyalty said.

Top of the list is British Airways, followed by Rolex and Coca Cola. It was also beaten by Amazon, which is amongst Apple's strongest rivals in the tablet market.

But in a bit of good news for the company, its biggest competitor Samsung did not appear in the top 20.

Consumer Superbrands said that the absence of late founder Steve Jobs might have left consumers feeling the brand no longer stood for innovation in quite the same way as before.

Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of the Superbrands council, said: "Apple and the other tech giants have suffered, with Apple particularly struggling to meet arguably unrealistic high expectations.

"It is increasingly clear that in the short-term at least, Apple is struggling to maintain its enviable innovation record in the eyes of consumers while failing to inspire individuals without its hugely influential leader, the late Steve Jobs."

Here is the full list:

1. British Airways

2. Rolex

3. Coca-Cola

4. BBC

5. Heinz

6. Microsoft

7. Google

8. Gillette

9. Kellogg’s

10. BMW

11. Cadbury

12. Andrex


14. Apple

15. Boots

16. Nike

17. Sony

18. Marks & Spencer

19. Shell

20. Mercedes-Benz