11 Weirdly Cool Tech Ideas From MWC 2014 You Haven't Already Seen


There are obviously loads of cool tech ideas and gadgets on show at MWC 2014 in Barcelona - including some great new phones and tablets.

But while the big hitters like Samsung and Sony have brought (appropriately) big new products to the show, the fact is they aren't all that surprising - and you've probably read about them in a hundred different places already.

So after covering all the big news we took to the back halls and strange, hidden pathways of the Fira Centre to look for cool tech ideas that you probably haven't already seen.

Some of these are from big companies like Huawei, but have just flown under the radar, while others are lost from sight in the weirder corners of the show. And yes, some of them can't quite match the polish of the Galaxy S5 or Nokia X. Still, they're all interesting in their own way, and prove that MWC is about more than just the tech giants with the biggest marketing budgets.

Take a look at our picks below.