'Ugly Girls Don't Like Our Site': New Dating Site Pairing Rich Men With Beautiful Women Raises Hackles

This Dating Site Makes Sugardaddy.Com Look Wholesome

Launching an online dating site in Britain is going to be challenging enough when the joining fee is £10,000, but founder Gus Terkelsen has decided that one way of drumming up free publicity is to declare British women as being ugly.

Yes guys, the reason why you're single isn't because you refuse to compromise on sock hygiene, it's because we women are a nation of mooses.

Talking to the Mail Online, Gus said: "Coming from a Scandinavian country we know Britain as a country of ugly women. Ugly girls don’t like the site and poor guys don’t like it. They don’t want to admit that guys prefer beautiful women and women want rich successful men."

His site, the Secret Diamond Club, was launched in Denmark in 2012 - the UK version has been up and running for less than a month.

From what we can tell, the dating site pairs up rich men (regardless of appearance) with beautiful women (personality optional).

So far, so Sugardaddy.com - the site that pairs up lonely older gents with younger women who like being looked after.

The difference however is in the extremely high price tag to join the site - for men, there is a starting fee of £10,000 per year, and can go up to 60,000 a year.

The idea - understandably, unless you're a rich codger looking for a hot, young woman - has come under fire for being sexist as well as objectifying women by their looks.

Apart from Gus's own statements that men are only interested in beautiful women, presumably the lower end of the membership allows you access to women who aren't as beautiful as the more expensive end. To us, that has very uncomfortable similarities with the pricing range of a high class escort service.

Then there is the questionable ideology behind why Gus thinks this is a workable model. According to him, "genes dictate women are turned on by success" and advised us to check with an evolutionary scientist.

Gus Terkelson

HuffPost UK Lifestyle caught up with the businessman to ask him a few questions. Namely - when did money override primal instinct?

"Women don't rationalise this," he says. "It's genetic. When you see a big, strong lion mating with lots of females, that is because they are attracted to that. Back in the day, 1,000 years ago, if you had a girl who mated with a less successful man and got pregnant, she and/or the baby was more likely to die. This is how natural selection works."

Since our bodies have an evolutionary date-stamp of 10,000 years ago - long before money existed - we don't buy it. What if I ended up with a short, bespectacled rich man with asthma? Science can't differentiate between rich genes and poor ones.

"It's not money that women are attracted to - it's the ability to make things happen."

This still doesn't answer the question. And surely a site based on such superficiality is only likely to create brief hook-ups?

"It's none of our business how our clients want to define their relationship whether they want monogamy or just to date," he replies.

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Is he likely to create a site for wealthy women and good-looking men then? Unlikely - as he says he does not see it as an equally good business opportunity.

"You can connect other kinds of people - and one of the versions is rich women and handsome men, But the vast majority of wealthy men want to be with beautiful women, it doesn't work as well the other way around.

While we think Gus is doing his gender a disservice - he basically just spelled out that men are superficial twits who only want a nice looking partner - it is true in that it's the way the world currently works.

Women can join the site for less than the men - which include self-made millionaires and sportsmen - for around £30 a year. They have to submit three photographs - one must include a body shot - and are then scrutinised by a panel of 20 experts.

They are then given a rating between 1 - 100, which is based on the photographs, their age and other women on the site. Ugliness also comes with a levy - if you have a lower rating, you have to pay more for your membership.