Katherine Jenkins 'Finds Love With American Professor Andrew Levitas'

Has Katherine Found Love Again?

Katherine Jenkins has reportedly found love again with an American professor after relocating to the US.

The opera star met Andrew Levitas after she moved to Los Angeles to work on her new album at the beginning of the year, according to reports.

The 34-year-old Welsh singer has been single since splitting from Prince Harry's friend, stockbroker Adam Bidwell last summer.

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine has been spotted with Andrew, a professor at New York university, in Hollywood, where they have both been staying.

A source close to Katherine told the Mirror: "She thinks Andrew is lovely, she hopes this one works out.

"They are literally joined at the hip at the moment and spending all of their time together.

"Katherine has been careful not to flaunt him around as she is used to her high profile relationships going wrong but she reckons this relationship could be the one to last."

The 34-year-old New Yorker describes himself as a 'painter, sculptor, photographer and actor' on his website and recently gave Katherine a huge oil painting.

After receiving the gift, Katherine took to Twitter to say thanks, writing: “A simple bunch of daffodils would have done! Thank you @AndrewLevitas It's beyond beautiful.”

The opera singer - who was awarded an OBE last month - caused a stir in 2012 when she categorically denied the rumours on Twitter, despite many having not actually heard about them.

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Katherine Jenkins


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