Justin Bieber Arrest Video: Singer 'Stumbles' During Sobriety Test & Does Pushups In His Cell

Footage of Justin Bieber appearing to sway and stumble as he attempts to walk in a straight line for a sobriety test has emerged.

The film was shot at a south Florida police station following his DUI arrest in Miami Beach in January and reveals the 19-year-old singer decked out in cherry red trainers, with a hoodie pulled over his head.

Further footage (below) shows him alone in a cell - with his hoodie still up - pacing, before dropping to the ground to do pushups.

Justin Bieber attempts to walk in a straight line during his sobriety test

Miami-Dade County prosecutors are said to have released 10 hours of film on Wednesday, though much of it does not feature Bieber.

Bieber's lawyers are said to have successfully persuaded a judge not to release footage of the singer urinating into a cup.

The Canadian-born performer, who turns 20 this weekend, has pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence, resisting arrest and invalid-license charges.

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