Sandra Bullock Earning $70 Million For 'Gravity' Role (VIDEO)

Sandra Bullock Earning Obscene Amount From 'Gravity'

Sandra Bullock is set to earn a HUGE amount for her Oscar nominated role in 'Gravity'.

It's predicted she will rake in at least $70 million when all revenue streams are factored in, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sandra Bullock

Gravity is currently on track to make more money than all of this year's Oscar nominated pictures combined after pulling in a tidy $700 million at the box office so far.

So it seems Sandra's huge earnings are in line with the flick's success.

She was paid $20 million upfront for her leading role and will also get 15 percent of the studio's slice of the box office takings.

Do you think Sandra's worth every penny?

WATCH the video above for more.


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