28/02/2014 11:38 GMT | Updated 28/02/2014 12:59 GMT

Countdown Contestant Elli Hanmer Conjures Up The Word 'Minges'

File this under puerile things to snigger at: A recent Countdown contestant came up with the word “minges” during the afternoon show.

Elli Hanmer submitted her six letter word – which is in the dictionary – but was blown out of the water by her fellow contestant’s eight-letter offering.

Viewer Doug Medford, 53, of Cardiff told The Mirror: “I couldn’t believe my ears when the contestant came out with ‘minges’.

“It’s not a word you often hear on TV – especially at three in the afternoon.”

(By the way, the New Oxford Dictionary of English defines the word "minge" as: "A woman's pubic hair or genitals.")

It’s not the first time an errant ‘minge’ has turned up on the Channel 4 show.

Back in April 2007 a contestant also produced “minges.”

Other glorious Countdown bloopers throughout the years include “arse”, “poo” and “fart”.