Did 'Oscars' Host Ellen Switch To An iPhone Backstage After Record-Breaking Samsung Selfie?


Oscars host Ellen Degeneres just 'broke Twitter' by posting the most star-studded -- and most re-Tweeted -- selfie in history, taken with her trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

(That's the Note 3 made by the company behind the Galaxy S5 - coincidentally advertised during the Oscars broadcast in the US.)

But backstage?

It looks like Ellen uses an iPhone.

The embarrassing switcheroo was revealed after Ellen started posting pictures of the various behind-closed-doors moments , and was picked up on Gizmodo.

It's not clear exactly what happened here, however. It's possible that the iPhone was just another device used by her production crew, perhaps used exclusively to run the official Ellen Twitter account.

It's also just possible that the mega-multi-millionaire is able to afford two smartphones.

On the other hand, it wouldn't be the first time that an American talk-show host forgot that Twitter posts where your pictures come from - with embarrassing results.

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