'Jurassic System': You Can Now Play That Hacking Scene From Jurassic Park For Real

You Can Now Play That Hacking Scene From 'Jurassic Park' For Real

You know that bit in Jurassic Park where Samuel L Jackson tries to hack into Wayne Knight's computer, but he can't, because hackers?

If you've ever wanted to try and do a little better yourself - and so prevent the release of a dozen death raptors - well, now you can.

Jurassic Systems is a full recreation of the OS and command-line program used in the original film. You can try to outwit Dennis Nedry if you like - and even uncover a few more secrets. Just remember to say the magic word... Else dinosaurs.

And dismembered arms.

Check it out at the Jurassic Systems website.

But if you end up collapsing in a frustrated heap, we understand. Like you, we hate this hacker crap.


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