'The Miracle Machine' Turns Water Into Wine Just Like That Chap From The Bible

WATCH: 'Jesus Machine' Can Turn Water Into Wine

Laughing in the face of millennia of love, labour and tradition, this unassuming device claims to be able to make quality wines in a matter of days.

Taking its cues from a certain well-known Middle-Easterner, 'The Miracle Machine' can literally turn water into wine.

The genesis of the idea came from a drunken night had by Kevin Boyer (a nationally recognised sommelier) and Philip James (founding CEO of Lot18 wine club).

What the device looks like

They assumed with today's technology that surely such a machine was possible - and they claim to have done it.

After selecting what type of wine you want and its characteristics, the relevant ingredients are added to the machine and allowed to ferment for around three days.

The entire process is monitored by your smartphone which will give you regular updates on its process.

The Miracle Machine is still in the funding phase and if you want one it will cost you £299.


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