07/03/2014 04:29 GMT | Updated 07/03/2014 08:59 GMT

‘Birds Of A Feather' Remake Returning To ITV For A Second Series

After pulling in huge viewing figures, ITV’s ‘Birds Of a Feather’ will be returning to to our TV screens for a second series.

ITV’s revival of the BBC comedy stars a number of the show’s original cast members, including lead actresses Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph.

pauline quirke linda robson

Pauline, Lesley and Linda will start filming in late 2014

With an average audience of 8 million viewers, the Essex-based comedy has been a big hit with fans new and old.

“We're delighted Birds of a Feather was such a success on ITV and really pleased to be asked to write another series,” explains show creator Maurice Gran. “We hope the further adventures of Sharon, Tracey and Dorien will continue to thrill audiences.”

While the show’s plot remained largely the same - Pauline and Linda play two sisters, living together following the imprisonment of their husbands - new additions and one-off cameos have aided its popularity.

Former ‘TOWIE’ star Amy Childs made an appearance at a bootsale in the first season while Matt Willis (that’s Matt from Busted to you and me) had a recurring role as Linda’s on-screen son.

The second series will begin filming later this year.

The DVD for The Complete ITV Series 1 DVD is released on Monday 10 March.

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