07/03/2014 07:01 GMT | Updated 07/03/2014 07:59 GMT

Ex-TOWIE Star Joey Essex Reveals He Wants To Release A Rap Album

If the news that famous wordsmith Joey Essex was publishing his autobiography wasn't enough for you, the ex-'TOWIE' brainbox has said for his next project he'd love to record a rap album.

Joey already has a compilation album called 'Essex Anthems' coming out soon, based on dance tracks played at popular Essex nightspot Sugar Hut, and has revealed that a follow-up rap album could be on the way.

joey essex

Joey Essex

He told The Sun: "I might be doing a deal. It’d take me a few years to do big shows".

However, he admitted the only thing stopping him from becoming the next Eminem or Kanye West is an apparent lack of musical talent, explaining: "I've got the confidence, but it's just being able to sing."

But is the 'I'm a Celeb' runner up going to let a little thing like not being able to sing stand in his way of musical stardom? No he isn't.

When pressed to try and "spit some rhymes", Joey managed to deliver the lyrical gem: "Yo yo yo, yeah my name is Joe, don't live in Hackney, don't live in Bow".

It's safe to say Macklemore doesn't have anything to worry about just yet, then...

Joey isn't the only reality star with his eyes on a rap career, as star of 'Benefits Street' White Dee has also expressed interest in making rap music in the future.

Could a Watch The Throne-esque duet be on the cards? Watch this space.

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