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Kelly McGillis Casts Doubt On Role In 'Top Gun' Sequel, Happy She Had Chance To Age Offscreen

Kelly McGillis doubts she'll be in any 'Top Gun' sequel or remake, despite the spell she cast over audiences when she first co-starred with Tom Cruise in the phenomenal 1986 hit, which sparked a US Navy recruitment drive with its tale of air battle, volleyball court rivalry and romancing the instructor.

top gun

Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun' - much imitated, never bettered

Talking with the Huffington Post UK, the actress, now in her fifties, remains bemused by the success of the film, for which she claims no credit:

"It was completely out of my control. I don’t know what happened. I’m glad I don’t have to repeat it."

Kelly is currently back on the big screen as "nosy, ditsy Marge' in 'We Are What We Are' - Jim Mickle's chiller about an atypical family, the Parkers, trying to live by their own devices in Connecticut. It is Kelly's second time working for Mickle. She says, "He pulled me in. He's so generous. I adore working for him."

we are what we are

Kelly (second left) with director Jim Mickle (second right) and cast from 'We Are What We Are'

However, it hasn't been non-stop work for the actress. Kelly who, besides 'Top Gun', had mega-hits with 'Witness' (19850 and 'The Accused' (1988), took a big break from the screen, concentrating on her family and running a restaurant in Florida. This hiatus is something she thinks is beneficial for all actresses reaching that 'difficult' age - in between love interest and character actress...

"Taking a break was good in hindsight, was good for me, I got to be able to age away from the camera. I see other actresses keep getting stuck, trying to keep how they look.


Kelly starred in 'Witness' with Harrison Ford

"I did start on all of that though. I had the boob job. I did do botox. But they've both gone now," she laughs.

Decolletage diminished but striking looks intact, Kelly now feels like she's on a completely new path...

"It's like I'm a whole different actress. And I'm taking my inspiration from different people. Jessica Tandy, your Dame Judi Dench. A career like that. Now that's something to strive for."

'We Are What We Are' is out now on DVD. Watch the trailer below...

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