11/03/2014 07:26 GMT | Updated 11/03/2014 07:59 GMT

'Deal Or No Deal' Contestant Receives Highest Offer From Banker In The Show's Nine Year History

A contestant on 'Deal Or no Deal' was thrilled to discover she'd been offered the highest amount of money ever from the mysterious Banker in the show's nine-year history on Monday's show.

Patricia Crick was over the moon to end her final round on the Channel 4 game-show with the two largest boxes remaining, one containing £100,000 and the other £250,000.

This left the Banker - who communicates with contestants by telephone through presenter Noel Edmonds - with no choice but to put in an offer of £170,000, the highest amount ever on the show.

noel edmonds

Noel Edmonds on the set of 'Deal or No Deal'

Noel, as calm and collected as ever, explained: "Even before you answer, you're creating Deal or No Deal history,"

Even better for Patricia, after accepting the Banker's bid she discovered the box she was holding contained £100,000, meaning her "deal" was definitely the right decision.

The 64-year-old didn't have the best start to the game, originally being offered £3500, though she obviously managed to turn it around and celebrated her big win by running around the studio giving high-fives to her fellow contestants.

Congrats to her!

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