Deal or no deal

If you’ve seen Meghan in anything other than ‘Suits’, then it’s probably in this big screen comedy. Having said that, most
Theresa May's and David Davies's hasty excursion to Brussels comes as the Office of National Statistics issues revisions to the "Blue Book" of national accounts showing the UK is worth £490billion less than previously thought. Just two weeks after Boris Johnson boasted at Tory Conference that we would need to build another Channel Tunnel because trade will be so great after Brexit, it sounds instead like it might do better as a quick exit for the money and businesses leaving our shores.
He credits the 'compassionate support of the Priory in Bristol' for getting him through.
Noel Edmonds has spoken for the first time about a suicide attempt he made more than a decade ago, after becoming the victim
After 11 years, bosses have called time on the gameshow.