11/03/2014 06:58 GMT | Updated 12/03/2014 11:59 GMT

Watch Kevin Bacon Explain the 80s to Millennials

Kevin Bacon would like a word with you about 80s awareness.

"Awareness of 80s culture and technology has been in a significant decline, especially amongst a certain demographic," the superstar tells us. "I'm talking to you millennials.

"All you guys born after 1985 have no idea how hard life was. If I was too shy to ask a girl out, there was no OK Twinder [we think he means Tinder]. I went to white [yellow?!] pages, Google it [there was Google in the 80s?] and called her house. And then you had to make small talk with her mum for like 20 minutes before Alesha even came to the phone and let me tell you when she turns down your invitation to Sparrows [we have no idea what this is either] you can't just swipe away the hurt [you mean like you can do on Tinder?]."

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Anyway, we don't want to ruin the rest of his education.

Over to you, Kevin.

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