Man Pilots Drone Over Harlem Explosion Site (PICTURES)

“Is there a drone flying over the explosion site in Harlem?” quizzed Gizmondo in a Wednesday morning headline after a small black object was captured on camera hovering above the smoking ruins.

Yes - it appears there was, according to reporters from the Animal New York website, who captured these photos of Brian Wilson, the pilot of a DJI quadcopter, which he said was capable of flying to a height of 1,400 feet. Wilson was taking pictures to sell to a news outlet, but he cryptically revealed: “I got some good shots that ain’t nobody getting.

Speaking to HuffPost, Peter Sachs of the Drone Law Journal confirmed that the drone type was a "DJI Phantom 2 Vision weighing around 3 lbs". He added via Twitter: "The drone can fly for 25 minutes and broadcasts live video to ground."

The suburb of Harlem was rocked on Wednesday morning after a building collapsed close to 116th Street and Park. Two people have reportedly died with many more thought to be injured.

Drone flies over the scene of Harlem explosion

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