Lena Dunham Reveals Cupping Marks And Back Tattoos In Mirror Selfie Snap (PHOTO)

Lena Reveals Cupping Marks In Selfie (PIC)

Lena Dunham has shared a picture of some uncomfortable looking cupping scars scattered across her back, and tattoos.

The ‘Girls’ actress appears to have undergone a session of cupping, the acupuncture-like therapy first made famous by actress-turned-health guru Gwenyth Paltrow.

The cupping marks look more than a little uncomfortable

Circular marks are scattered across Lena’s back tattoo in the Instagram snap, which she’s captioned “Da Cure”.

Gwenyth first brought cupping to everyone’s attention back in 2004 when she attended a premiere and accidentally revealed the mystery marks on her back.

Other stars who have happily flashed their cupping marks (which do disappear a few days after the treatment) include Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson.

The painful treatment involves having cups placed on the body before a suction effect is created with heat or a mechanical pumping device.

Lena writes and stars in the hit US TV show ‘Girls’, currently on its third season.

Lena’s super laidback attitude to appearing naked on screen has been applauded by the show’s fans.

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