Walter Williams, 'Dead' Man Who Woke Up In A Body Bag, Actually Dies For Real 15 Days Later


A man who woke up in a body bag after he was mistakenly declared dead has died again 15 days later.

Walter Williams, a 78-year-old Mississippi man, hit headlines two weeks ago after he experienced a nightmarish situation at a funeral home when he was mistaken for a corpse.

The father of 11, grandfather of 15, and great-grandfather of six had gone into hospice in late February because of congestive heart failure.

He was declared dead by a coroner the first time in the early morning hours of February 27 when neither the coroner or others, including nurses, could find a pulse.

The lifelong farmer was transported to the funeral home, where he was about to be embalmed, when he began to move.

An ambulance was called, and shortly thereafter, he was back in the hospital, happily talking to family and friends.

Walter's daughter, Mary Williams, said her father got to see his last grandchild Sunday, and at that point he was alert and in good spirits.

"Then you could tell he got a little weaker every day," she said.

Williams' nephew, Eddie Hester told WAPT-TV: "Well, they came and got him again around 4.15am.

"I think he's gone this time."

He added: "The same coroner and the same funeral home director came this time, and when they got there, I said, 'I thought y'all were going to send somebody else,' and we laughed about it. Everybody laughed."

Hester said that the family were grateful to have got to spend extra time with Williams in their "two-week miracle".

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