Plane Crashes At Philadelphia Airport, Passenger Posts Inevitable Selfie


Passengers aboard an American flight were forced to evacuate the plane via its emergency slide after its nose gear collapsed on a runway at Philadelphia International Airport Thursday evening.

Cue the inevitable selfie in front of the crumpled wreckage from passengers on board.

“So my plane just crashed,” Hannah Udren tweeted along with a picture of the Airbus A320.

Airline officials said US Airways Flight 1702 was heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when the pilot was forced to abort take off after the plane was airborne. The nose gear collapsed when the pilot tried to land the plane again.

A passenger on the plane, Dennis Fee, told WPVI-TV that it was “very windy and when the plane took off, the nose of the plane went back down, hitting the runway.”

“We were airborne, then struck back down by the nose,” he said.

“The flight kind of shot up and then bounced down,” 33-year-old passenger Christopher Teaney told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Bounced real hard. Shot up again, and then nose-dived.

“I was laughing the whole time. I didn’t know what else to do.”

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