Yacht Crashes Into Richmond Bridge, Watching Crowd Mostly Laugh

Oh dear, it's been a bad weekend for some on the country's waterways - first a stag do barge incident and now this..

The rather expensive looking pleasure cruiser called 'The Victoria' (apparently worth £1 million) came a cropper at Richmond Bridge on Sunday afternoon.

Lesley-Anne Berthon who witnessed the incident said: "We saw the whole thing. We saw the boat coming and thought 'there's no way he's getting through in that'.

"There was a man standing on the back trying to gauge the height."

At this point they appear to have decided they weren't going to make it.

Lesley-Anne told the Huffington Post UK: "They tried to reverse and got caught, every time they tried to move the boat just hit the side of the bridge."

Obviously at the sight of a rich person making a mess of something, a supportive British crowd formed.

"Some people were jeering. People were laughing at him and a guy in a dinghy was filming it all."

There was considerable damage to the boat with much of the top of it ending up smashed all over the deck.

High tides were blamed for the incident with the River Thames breaking its banks at one point during the afternoon.

The boat did eventually make it through accompanied by cheers from those watching...