iPhone 5C 8GB: Apple Launches Cheaper iPhone

iPhone 5Cheap

As expected, Apple has released a cut-price, cut-down version of the iPhone 5C.

The new 8GB version of the plastic smartphone is exactly the same in all but storage space, but is offered for about £50 less than the 16GB version.

O2 will offer the phone for free on new contracts, while Apple will sell the unlocked phone for £429.

Before the release of the colourful, plastic iPhone 5C back in October 2013, it had been thought (mainly by the press) that Apple would pitch the phone principally on its lower cost.

But after the announcement it was quickly realised that the phone wasn't as cheap as had been speculated. In fact, it wasn't cheap at all.

Since then Apple has been quiet about how well the 5C is doing compared to the premium 5S, but most analysts suggest it's not matching the sales targets the company set back in October.

The answer in the short term appears to be to offer a cheaper version with just 8GB of storage space.


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