iPhone 5C Price Cut: Apple Said To Be Launching 8GB Cheaper iPhone (UPDATE: Yep)

Apple Might Finally Be Releasing A Cheap iPhone...

Update: Yep.

Apple might be able to prove those who predicted a 'cheap' iPhone 5C right - just six months later than everyone first thought.

Before the release of the colourful, plastic iPhone 5C, it had been thought (mainly by the press) that Apple would pitch the phone principally on its lower cost.

But after the announcement it was quickly realised that the phone wasn't as cheap as had been speculated. In fact, it wasn't cheap at all.

Since then Apple has been quiet about how well the 5C is doing compared to the premium 5S, but most analysts suggest it's not doing anywhere near as well as Apple hoped.

The answer in the short term might be to cut the price - or at least offer a cheaper version with just 8GB of storage space.

According to Engadget the 8GB iPhone 5C could be released later this week, and cost about €60 Euro (or about £50) less than the current model.

It's not known whether an 8GB model would make it to the UK, however.

The rumour is based on a document leaked by O2 Germany, and has not been confirmed by Apple. It is also unclear if the 4S, which is currently still on sale for lower-tier contracts, would be phased out after the introduction of the 8GB handset.


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