18/03/2014 14:24 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dogs Playing With Babies! (Video)

Dogs and babies - they make natural companions. They're both excitable, endlessly curious and sometimes just a bit silly. This hilarious video gathers some of the funniest and cutest moments between babies and their four-legged friends.

The clip collection is guaranteed to make you go 'aww', showcasing the unique relationship that exists between dogs and their young owners.

Check out the moment a Golden Retriever just can't work out why a tiny baby in a rocker doesn't want to play catch. The hound carefully nudges its tennis ball closer and closer to the dozing infant's face, then loses patience and starts trying to rouse the kid by furiously licking their face.

Another adorable clip features a pup dragging a giggling toddler across the carpet by the seat of her onesie while her parents scream with laughter in the background.

We've already seen ample evidence of the affinity between babies and dogs. Last month, we were all chuckling at the viral video showing a devoted poodle rush to protect a baby from the imminent and very serious danger of... a hairdryer being switched on.

More seriously, a family's labrador was credited with saving the life of their toddler when he wandered away from their home and into nearby woods. The little lad was missing all night, but the dog stayed by his side until rescuers stumbled upon the pair the next morning.

And the devotion goes both ways: we just loved this video of a generous toddler patiently teaching the family dog to ride a tricyle.