Dyson Heater Fire Risk Prompts Recall

Innovative tech firm, Dyson, is scrambling to recall one million heaters over fears they could pose a fire risk, the company announced today.

The recall of the AM04 and AM05 models was issued on their website after "a small number" short circuited, causing a small internal fire.

The British company stressed that other models are unaffected and no-one has been injured as a result of the fault.

The AM04 and AM05 models are those possibly affected

In a message posted on their website, Dyson is urging customers to return the products for a free engineering fix.

"We're voluntarily recalling all AM04 and AM05 heaters due to a potential safety issue.

"Out of a million heaters sold worldwide, we know of a small number that have short-circuited resulting in a small fire contained within the machine.

"There have been no instances of injury or property damage, but safety is our first priority.

"That's why we're recalling all machines and implementing an engineering fix in each one."

Earlier this month the company released a "near silent" update to its bladeless fan that it claims is quieter than a buzzing mosquito.

The company said the Air Multiplier fan is up to 75% quieter than the original model, released in 2009, after a team of 65 Dyson engineers reduced the turbulence of high velocity air.

Wiltshire-based Dyson, which employs more than 3,600 staff worldwide, was founded in 1992 and now sells machines, including vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, in more than 50 markets.

Max Conze, Dyson CEO, said: "We have sold a million heaters around the world; we have seen a small number short-circuit, which in four cases resulted in contained burning.

"Although there have been no instances of personal injury or damage to property, it’s four too many. So we are working with the relevant regulatory bodies and preparing for a voluntary recall.

"We ask owners to visit for further instructions."

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