James Dyson

Former aide returns to the stage – as does "the Downing Street source".
Johnson has been texting like a teenager. But Peter Mandelson warns it’s not enough to counter Corbyn’s legacy.
Downing Street also says the PM's texts with the billionaire businessman will be made public "shortly".
Current PM cites a previous PM as the “sleaze” charge is again deployed.
The prime minister tells PMQs he has "nothing to conceal" in chats with businessmen about Covid contracts.
We must not stand idly by as employers use Brexit as an excuse to shed jobs or walk away from Britain
As the 29th of March draws ever nearer, big businesses have to decide how to manage the uncertainty around Brexit. Dyson announced it is moving its headquarters to Singapore, despite CEO and Founder James Dyson’s ardent support of the Leave campaign. Sony and P&O are also moving out of the UK, with other companies stockpiling resources in anticipation of disruption.