'W1A' Starring Hugh Bonneville, From The Makers Of 'Twenty Twelve', Shows The BBC Can Laugh At Itself (TRAILER)

WATCH: 'W1A' Finds The Twenty Twelve Team With A Brand New Mission...

From the makers of 'Twenty Twelve' comes 'W1A', moving the same combination of expertise, thoroughness and common sense from the Olympic Stadium, all the way to the BBC's own home.

Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) and his team prepare to cut a swathe through BBC red tape

Fresh from his triumph steering the London Olympiad to its sweet success, Ian Fletcher (Hugh Bonneville) is preparing to unfold his brand new bike in front of New Broadcasting House, and attack his new mission with gusto, verve and equanimity in his new role as Head Of BBC 'Values'. So it's all pretty new.

Have new bike, will travel...

This seemingly vague brief leads him, as you can expect, into all sorts of mischief meetings tackling the trickiest of subjects including, but not limited to, under-representation of Cornwall on the national network, the inception of Britain's Tastiest Village - "a kind of Britain's Got Talent meets Countryfile with The One Show thrown in, just in case" - and the loss of host Clare Balding, "words you never want to hear".

All that, and the small problem of finding a desk. Which means, there's only one phone call to make...

'W1A' starts on Wednesday 18 March at 9pm, BBC2.

Twenty Twelve prepares for the finishing line

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