Sony 'Project Morpheus' Features: Hands-On Review

The problem with virtual reality headsets is that describing what they're actually like to use is really, really tricky. You just have to try it yourself. Unfortunately, in most cases it's almost impossible for you to do that without either spending loads of money, or having a press pass or some other way to access behind-the-scenes showcase events.

That said, we've given it our best shot in the video above.

Engadget's reporters are at GDC to test out both Project Morpheus, Sony's new VR headset, and the new Oculus Rift '2' (ie the new developer's kit).

Check out what they think, above. From the sounds of it both are almost really great, but not quite finished.

Still, we can't wait to get hold of them. If only so we can walk around all smug and refuse to adequately explain if they're actually fun to use or not.