Tiny House Project: Alek Lisefski's 8x20ft Haven Is A Beauty To Behold (PICTURES)

The phrase “good things come in small packages” could not be more apt for this gem of a home.

It is the handiwork of web designer Alek Lisefski, who decided to jack in the rat race and now lives mortgage-free with his girlfriend and dog in this 8x20ft haven.

‘The Tiny House Project’ enables Lisefski and his crew-of-two to live a simple, debt-free existence on the road.

Alek Lisefski, girlfriend Anjali and dog Anya all live in this tiny house

Writing on his website, he talks of his: “Attempt to live a simpler, more conscious, debt-free life, and in doing so helping to set and example and educate the community about the alternative, affordable, more sustainable ways of living.

“Without room to hoard things and hide away from the world, I’ll be forced to spend more time outdoors, in nature and engaging with my community.

“I won’t be able to keep closets full of clothes or store 5-year-old trinkets in a house so small.”

It cost $30,000 - around £18,000 to construct

The house is mobile as it is built on a trailer and because of this, does not adhere to the same permits, codes and rules associated with building a normal home.

So while the trio is currently residing in California, the whole world is quite literally their oyster.

Lisefski’s labour of love cost him $30,000 (around £18,000) and if you’re tempted, you can buy the construction plans here to build your own.

Alek Lisefski's tiny house

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