The Disgusting Reality Of How 'Yummy' Hot Dogs Are Made

You May Never Eat A Hot Dog Ever Again After Watching This

An in-depth video that meticulously charts the making of a hot dog has HuffPost UK Lifestyle swearing off the foodstuff for life.

There's something about gooey meat being churned around, piped out of a tube and slathered with corn syrup that somewhat puts a crimp in our craving for the fast food snack.

The voiceover talks us through the process, saying the traditional hot dogs are a mix of beef, chicken and pork. The meat gets whizzed around until it resembles something pretty gross, then it gets mulched around with water until it resembles something even more gross.

We watch as corn syrup is ladelled onto the mix 'to add a touch of sweetness', plus even more water, until finally they are piped into casings, and go through a process of racks that reminds us of the factory in Edward Scissorhands.

It takes 35 seconds to produce a chain of hot dogs to span a football team twice.

Liquid smoke is then piped over the hot dogs, and then they are drenched in cold, salty water.

By the end of it, nothing makes us want to chomp on a hot dog ever again, despite the voiceover describing them as 'mouthwatering'.

Take a look at the pictures: