21/03/2014 13:17 GMT | Updated 21/03/2014 13:59 GMT

Les Dennis: 'I Chose 'Coronation Street' Over Hollyoaks Role'

Les Dennis has revealed that he turned down a role in 'Hollyoaks' so he could join rival soap 'Coronation Street'.

The actor is set to join 'Corrie' next week as burglar Michael Rodwell, but he claims things could have taken a different turn, as he was offered the chance to play a character on 'Hollyoaks', though he won't divulge who the character was.

Les Dennis on 'Coronation Street'

He told Soap Squawk: "About six months ago I was approached by 'Hollyoaks'. It was a character that is on screen at the moment, so I won’t say because somebody else got it."

We can only presume Les was offered the chance to play one of the new young hunks on the scene. He'd certainly fit right in with the likes of Danny Mac.

Les also admitted he was pleased with the way things have turned out, saying: "'Hollyoaks' is a great soap but 'Corrie' is my favourite, so [I'm] pleased that I'm in 'Corrie'.

"All my family watch it. They love it. So everybody is thrilled for me."

He also said that, because the show recently moved sets, he felt less alone on first day, explaining: "I was like, “How do I get to make-up?” They said, 'Oh, I don’t know yet. This is my first day here as well.'

"Helen Worth was saying to me, 'I think it’s down that corridor and then down some steps.' So it was kind of weirdly surreal that I was there with everybody else disorientated, we were all in the same boat."

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