Pregnant Elephant Speared To Death By Poachers In Amboseli, Kenya (PICTURE)


Poachers in Kenya have speared to death a pregnant elephant.

A photo of the tragic scene was released by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to highlight the true cost of the illegal ivory trade.

IFAW's Regional Director for East Africa, James Isiche, said: "This is a double tragedy. The callous poachers did not care that the elephant was pregnant.

No arrests have been made as yet

"Their actions were driven by greed to make quick money. IFAW joins other organisations in calling for the President to declare poaching of elephants and rhinos a national disaster.

"The government should spare no efforts in stopping the poaching menace that is threatening to decimate Kenya's national heritage."

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Elephant Poaching

Activist Jackie Cittone Magid wrote in a recent blog post for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust that elephants simply "don't stand a chance" against the brutality that they are confronted with every day.

"Greed and indifference has made us care more for material than living things," she wrote. "Today, an elephant is worth more dead than alive. What will we say to our children or grandchildren when there are no elephants left -- that we killed them so that we can own beautiful things?"

"These magnificent animals deserve better than this," she added. "They don't have to have this ending. They deserve to be left in peace."

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