'RoomScan': This New App Makes A Floor Plan In Seconds, With Just A Few Taps


If you've ever needed to draw up a floor plan, whether it's to sell your house, size up new furniture or just finish off that custom Doom II WAD of your house you've been working on for 20 years, you'll know it's actually pretty difficult.

Not only are most rooms really awkward shapes, they're also pretty hard to string a measuring tape across with all the messy furniture, fixtures and human beings inside them.

An app called 'RoomScan' has a solution.

By just tapping your phone against all the walls in a room, the app will magically draw up a floorplan which you can then finesse before adding to your schematics.

It's incredibly simple, but seems to work really well. The app has been around since 2012, but we've only just heard about it - and can't wait to get home and start tapping away for no very good reason. Anyone want to check out our custom Doom levels?

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