Grizzly Bear Eats GoPro Camera

'A Grizzly Ate My GoPro'

There is no shortage of things to try and do with a GoPro, from climbing ridiculously massive towers and doing handstands at the top, to getting attacked by a shark.

Now add to that list "look inside a bear".

This amazing footage of a Grizzly bruin trying to chew a GoPro was recorded by Brad Josephs on a recent trip to Alaska in 2013, while recording footage for the BBC show 'Great Bear Stakeout'

There's a ton more footage of bears recorded using GoPro cameras at his website.

Nature videographers are increasingly finding action cameras like the GoPro useful for filming strange or difficult shots, as they're both durable, light, fully digital and waterproof.

This video is a good explanation of why experts like Josephs choose to work with the cameras alongside more traditional HD rigs.


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