24/03/2014 06:57 GMT | Updated 24/03/2014 06:59 GMT

iTunes For Android? Apple Said To Be Considering Cross-Platform Music Push

This screenshot of an iPhone 5, shows the iTunes Radio app. Apple executive Eddy Cue said the he?s ?very pleased? with the initial rollout of iTunes Radio, and hopes to have it running internationally as soon as possible. iTunes Radio launched its music streaming service late last month as part of its update to its iOS7 operating system. Though a late entry into the Internet Radio service, in its first week, it had 11 million users. (AP Photo/iTunes Radio)

Apple is said to be considering releasing a version of its iTunes music software for Google's rival Android platform.

The shocking move would be an attempt to grow the number of users listening to iTunes Radio, its relatively new streaming music service.

It might also be a way for Apple to keep anyone switching from iOS to Android within its media 'ecosystem' -- or vice versa, making it more attractive for Android users to switch back.

And while it might seem drastic, it's not dissimilar to its 2003 decision to launch iTunes on Windows - for essentially the same reasons.

Billboard reports that Apple is also considering launching a more direct competitor to Spotify and Rdio, as download sales start to decline significantly in the face of all-you-can-eat streaming services.

It's not likely to come soon - launching any service requires extensive discussions with labels - but it's long been rumoured that Apple might want to move in this direction eventually. Download sales are said to have declined 13% in a single year in the US, leading Apple (with its reliance on downloads) to look in other directions. iTunes Radio was launched with that in mind, though has apparently made only a small impact on the market.

But don't count Apple out. The age of the iPod might be over, but they still control 40% of all music revenue in the US, and a similar level in the UK. Whatever they decide will make a huge impact on the market.