The UK's Top 13 Phobias Revealed: What Are You Scared Of?

Daniela Duncan via Getty Images

In the past, we've met people who are scared of cats, buttons and vomiting, but none of these have made the cut for the top 13 list compiled in a YouGov survey.

Respondents were asked to rate their fears out of 13 common phobias, ranging from “not at all” to “very afraid”.

The biggest phobia - unsurprisingly - is a fear of heights, with 58% saying they suffer from some degree of vertigo or acrophobia.

Another finding - which will make northern folk very happy indeed - is that southerners tend to be more scared of things in general. The Independent reported: "People in London and the south (are) consistently more afraid of just about everything when compared to the north and Scotland."

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Cynophobia - FearOof Dogs

UK's Top 13 Fears

“All are not created equal when it comes to fears,” YouGov’s William Jordan said.

“With the exception of needles and getting shots and blood – of which British men and women are about equally afraid – more women than men are afraid of each thing (on the list).”