It's possible to reset bad habits that have become routine, say experts. Here's how.
It’s important for parents to build up their child’s self-esteem, say child psychologists, without accepting their bullying behaviour.
Experts share ways to deal with kids' bad behaviour in the lead up to school.
Stars, stickers, magnets or drawings. There are lots of ways to create one – here are some ideas.
You don’t want to make things worse, but you also don’t want to act like that kid’s behaviour is okay.
"Firm guidelines will need to be put in place to protect both child and school," one mum told HuffPost UK, in reaction to the news.
'What is it about roller-coasters that some love so much, and is it an experience we tend to like less as we get older?'
We have to build a nicer world for kids in the future where they treat everybody equally
Let's face it, Lila just can't find the staff these days. I pander to her whims based on a battle to battle evaluation; The bottom line being how prepared I am to deal with a mini-person literally melting onto the carpet.