8 Things Children Think They Get Away With And Parents Don't Notice

We see everything

All children think they can outwit their parents, forgetting that we once were also kids (albeit a long time ago) and know all their tricks.

You really think we didn’t notice you kept all the change from that £10 note after buying a pint of milk?

JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

1. Keeping The Change After Buying Something

I really don’t want that 17p.

2. Getting Out Of Bed After We Shut The Door

As long as you stay in your room all night we really don’t care what you’re up to.

3. Giving Your Broccoli To The Dog.

If it saves an argument at the dinner table...

4. And Stealing Biscuits From The Cupboard After Dinner.

Mummy does that too.

5. Getting Your Toys Out After They Were Just All Tidied Away

Spoiler alert: we hid the Lego.

6. Saying “Bad Words” Under Your Breath

Not sure ‘poo’ counts.

7. Sneaking A Chocolate Bar Into The Shopping Basket When We Have Our Back Turned

And you dont notice us sneak it out again before the checkout.

8. Blaming Your Siblings For A Mess You Made And Letting Them Take The Rap

Don’t worry, they’ll get extra ice cream later.

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