'Blurred Lines' Robot Is The Most Terrifying Animatronic Dancer Ever Created

'Blurred Lines' Robot Is The Most Terrifying Automaton Ever Created

Robots are already terrifying. So is Robin Thicke's controversial and inexplicable hit 'Blurred Lines'. Combine them and you have something truly horrifying.

Then again, that's what art is for.

Installation artist Jordan Wolfson has created a truly monstrous mash-up at a new exhibition in New York, which combines both deliberately horrible animatronics and various dance songs.

The robotic dancer moves around to the music in a way which is almost, but not quite, graceful, and glares at viewers through an evil looking mask while miming to the songs.

Wolfson made the robot with help from the Spectral Motion effects studio in Los Angeles, and it's now on show at the David Zwirner Art Gallery.

Unfortunately it's not quite as high tech as it seems - the robot is supported by a metal pole attached to a mirror, and isn't able to stand or dance on its own.

But in a neat twist, it is able to recognise people around it, and stare at them through its mask if they walk around the room. Oh, and it's wearing a tutu.

"I don't want to tell you this work is about women because I don't think that's true," Wolfson told Blouinartinfo.


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