26/03/2014 07:53 GMT | Updated 26/03/2014 07:59 GMT

Drone Ice Caves Film Is Beautiful And A View Of Alaska Never Seen Before

Proving that they are of far more use than removing teeth from the mouths of kids, an LA filmmaking firm has deployed a drone to stunning effect in Alaska.

Firefight films ventured to Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska where they filmed parts of ice caves normally almost inaccessible to humans.

The results are stunning as the quadcopter hovers below brilliant blue, smooth frozen roofs then zoom upwards to show the caves in the context of the glacier in which they sit.

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Christopher Carson, the producer of the film, told the Mail Online: "We were thinking about what to shoot, originally we thought of really beautiful places like flower gardens in China.

"We decided to go out to the glaciers, then as soon as we saw the ice caves, we spent four days filming them."

The film is part of a series called 'Bigger Than Life' - you can watch a behind the scenes documentary below.