Excellent hoofwork. A nose for the goal. A wild side. What else could you want?
Tyson Steele's cabin burned down, leaving him exposed for weeks to freezing temperatures.
We spent the night huddled together fighting to stay alive in a -20ºC snowstorm. I didn’t think we would make it to see the morning, writes explorer and survivalist Brad Parsk.
An Indiana man using a fake name and photo allegedly persuaded a teen to carry out 19-year-old Cynthia Hoffman's slaying.
People packed into high schools and other evacuation centres.
The discovery could resolve long-standing controversies about how humans first populated the Americas.
Someone has just made the naughty list again.
“There are no words possible for how beautiful they are.”
I'm hoping that we can turn a positive light on it and the musher steps forward."
My partner Brad and I are with a small group of guests on a small rubber power boat called a Zodiac, at the Chiswell Islands in the Gulf of Alaska. A Humpback whale has been feeding around us, at the surface of the water, for 45 minutes.
He called his brother for help while the bear was chasing him.
A teenage boy has been mauled to death by a bear while running a race in Alaska.  Patrick Cooper was taking part in a competitive
The time for debating whether it's real is long, long gone. The time has come to do something about it. We CAN act to make big changes and save our planet. The first step, has to be making the people believe. Let's make our Planet Great again.
'Life in northwest Alaska can have a stark reality and brutal consequences.'
With their antlers locked in furious battle, these moose were found immortalised in ice in the Alaskan town of Unalakleet
Clinton should win the presidency, but not with the margin she would like to project the death of the GOP. She needs to work hard to keep her support base strong and happy - she will need it for the 2020 cycle.
In many ways, Alaska is the most likely 'strong Republican' state to swing, purely from a mathematical point of view. If Clinton wins this state, it will send a powerful message to the Republicans that no state - even Sarah Palin's - is safe from the Democrats and make their work leading up to 2020 even more difficult.
A pro skier has miraculously escaped with his life after falling from the side of a 1,600ft mountain, cartwheeling in his