Moose Battle Ends In Animals Drowning And Freezing Solid In Alaskan Stream

'Life in northwest Alaska can have a stark reality and brutal consequences.'

With their antlers locked in furious battle, these moose were found immortalised in ice in the Alaskan town of Unalakleet.

It’s believed the male moose may have been fighting over a female before the pair toppled into a stream.

Jeff Erickson was among a group who found the animals, which are the largest of all the deer species.

Jeff EricksonFacebook
Jeff EricksonFacebook
Jeff EricksonFacebook

He told Alaskan journalist Craig Medred: “It appears that one of the brow tines (on the antler) penetrated and may have ended this (battle) fast, leaving the ‘winner’ with a 1000lb headdress and probably pulled his head into the water where he drowned.”

Subarctic Unalakleet is on the shores of the Bering Sea and has a population of around 700 people.

In an email to the Washington Post, Erickson added: “Life in northwest Alaska can have a stark reality and brutal consequences.

“I was just happy to be part of the recovery… The view of the antlers protruding from the ice with the soft layer of snow on the carcasses not encased in the ice was such a stark and eerily beautiful scene.”