Kylie Minogue Channels Her Inner Marilyn Monroe In Instagram Photo (PIC)

Kylie Minogue has embraced many different looks throughout her 26 year career but has taken style pointers from the 1950s for a new photoshoot.

With her blonde wig and red and white outfit, the pop princess looks to be channeling screen legend Marilyn Monroe in the Instagram snap.

Kylie channels Marilyn

But despite the similarities to Marilyn, Kylie is reminding us a lot of another actress - and fellow Aussie - Nicole Kidman in her recent big screen outing, 'The Paperboy'.

Nicole Kidman in 'The Paperboy'

Uncanny, we're sure you'll agree.

She claimed that while she has enjoyed her time on the show, she doesn't think it would be possible to return next year as she'll be on her 'Kiss Me Once' tour.

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