Paul Walker Death: 'Fast And Furious' Star Crashed Due To ‘Speed Not Mechanical Failure' (VIDEO)

‘Fast And Furious’ star Paul Walker and friend Roger Rodas were travelling up to 94 mph when their car crashed, a new investigation has confirmed.

Experts probing the cause of the fatal crash have decided that the car’s excessive speed was to blame and not a mechanical fault with the Porsche.

The cause of Paul's crash has been confirmed

Porsche even sent their own analysts to examine the wreckage, who determined that the car had no existing technical faults.

The investigation has concluded that the car, being driven by Rodas, was travelling at between 81 and 94 miles per hour when it began to drift and lost control after coming out of a curve.

The car then hit a pole and burst into flames, according to a new investigation into the November California crash.

Three months after Paul’s death, his final film ‘Brick Mansions’ was released.

In the flick, Paul plays Damian Collier, an undercover police officer charged with taking down a dangerous crime lord.

Paul’s mother Cheryl is said to be in the process of becoming Meadow’s legal guardian, as requested in the actor’s will.

Paul Walker