'Street Fighter II' Disney Princesses (Round Two) Are Beautiful, And Badass

'Street Fighter II' Disney Princesses Are Beautiful, And Badass

'Street Fighter' has about ten badass new challengers - in the form of Disney's classic princesses.

An amazing new collection of pixel art by designer Mike Villamejor has transformed everyone from Ariel the Little Mermaid to Princess Jasimine into characters incredibly reminiscent of the classic video game beat-em-up 'Street Fighter II'.

Known by his designer moniker Mike V, Villamejor unveiled the art on his Tumblr. The images capture the princesses in beautiful detail, using the highly restricted boundaries imposed by 16-bit pixel art. While only stills, they burst with motion and character - and we wish someone would animate them and actually make a game with the results.

Here's 'round one', released in August, and the new 'round two' collection.

Our only qualm? One of the princesses in the collection might be technically owned by Disney, but we're not ready to cast her as a 'Disney Princess' - not yet, not yet…

Take a look at the incredible art below and over at Mike V's page.

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