27/03/2014 21:23 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Uses Helicopter To Pull Out Son's Tooth (Video)

There's nothing more annoying as an eight-year-old than a wobbly tooth that just won't come out. You tentatively wiggle it around with your tongue, wishing you had the guts to just pluck it out. Some braver types may resort to asking a friend or sympathetic older sibling to yank it out with string or give them a punch in the mouth.

Enterprising dad Malcolm Swan came up with unusual bit of amateur dentistry to try out on his eight-year-old son, Adam. A toy quadcopter - think a helicopter with four rotors - attached to a length of floss tied around the wobbly milk tooth.

When dad Malcolm revs up the engine and launches the 'copter into the sky... well, you can guess the rest.

Even as young Adam awaits the final countdown with his mouth agape and the helicopter hovering menacingly a few feet above the ground, the lad remains remarkable sanguine. He shoots his dad a cheery thumbs up before Malcolm presses the button to launch the toy into the air.

With the help of the quadcopter, the stubborn loose tooth is swiftly airlifted from its socket. Adam blinks in surprise, unable to believe that it's all over so painlessly.

"It came out," he says, as his dad rushes over with the camera to zoom in on Adam grinning, cheerfully baring his bloody gums. "I didn't trust it before!"

Quick and painless it may be, but there is one downside to the innovative solution, as Malcolm realises: "Now we've got to find the tooth."