Michael Gove Did A Selfie.. Five Months After Everyone Else

Oh Michael Gove. Will you ever be cool, on trend, down with the kidz?

Not content with getting quirky glasses, the education secretary posed with a couple of students while filming with BBC School Reports, only about five months after everyone else.

It's not quite on the scale of the David Cameron - Helle Thorning-Schmidt - Barack Obama sandwich with a moody Michelle served on the side, nor is it on the scale of David Cameron's "on-the-phone-to-Obama" number, which was parodied by the great Patrick Stewart, among others.

Nick Clegg's attempt was quite frankly just crap, and was immediately consigned to a dusty corner of the internet, but only time will tell as to whether Gove's has staying power.

Michael Gove debuts his new glasses in 2012 (left), bearing an uncanny likeness to Spongebob Squarepants

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