College Students Catch 14Ft Hammerhead Shark In Florida

A group of college students in Florida managed to catch a massive 14ft hammerhead shark, weighing a whopping 700lb - and then released it back into the wild.

The incredibly large male shark was released to fight another day after being caught on a 14/0 penn senator reel and custom rod. Amazingly, you can hear the rod creaking as the huge specimen is hooked.

The group, which uploaded their video to YouTube, and fish by night says: "We only use circle hooks as to ensure maximum health of the fish.

"All sharks were released in the making of this video. We do not condone or support the killing of any shark species. We are a group of big game anglers with unconventional methods and conservation at the heart of our practice."

Anglers Viktor Hluben caught the shark, with Brook Crist recording it on video and Ben Begovic, Garett Reingardt and Jose Martinez helping in catch and release the fish.

Hluben had to hold the rod steady with all his weight for 40 minutes, such was the size of the shark.