Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators Let You Travel Between Floors Like 'Futurama'

Buy A 'Futurama' Tube For Your House (And Yes, It Works)

For many a year it's been the preserve of bundles of cash in supermarkets and prescriptions in hospitals but now you too can travel by pneumatic tube.

Dayton Elevators make air-powered lifts for the less-abled and those with an aversions to regular stairs and can add a touch of Futurama/The Jetsons to any home.

Thankfully they're a little more sedate than those you find in hospitals and cartoons travelling at a leisurely one foot every two seconds.

Not exactly discreet

The lifts sucks air out from above the cab and pumps it in below to lift you to your desired floor and gently reverses the process to take you back down.

It also has a break system meaning you wont end up breaking your legs in the event of a fault.

While pneumatic tube technology has been around since Victorian time, the home versions became available in 1999 but take-up has been slow - Dayton Elevators has only installed 300 of them.

Pneumatic tubes have been put to good use elsewhere recently - a restaurant in New Zealand uses them to deliver burgers to your table.

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