28/03/2014 19:34 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

W​Ho Remembers Charley Says? David Walliams Brings Iconic Character Back To Life

David Walliams has brought the popular cartoon Charley Says back to life.

David provides the voices for iconic characters Charley and his hapless young owner in a new public information series about electrical safety in the home.

"I loved Charley Says when growing up," said dad David. "We've all had a go at mimicking Charley the cat's 'meow', so I just hope my version is up to scratch and will help people stay safe in the home."

Charley first captured children's hearts in the 70s and 80s when he taught a generation about the dangers of matches, strangers and playing near teapots.

Fans of the ginger Tom will be pleased to see that the new episodes feature the cut-out figures created by animator Richard Taylor for the original series. The plots will also still revolve around Charley putting himself in peril to prevent his owner from coming to harm.

The first video sees Charley burn his paw while stopping his owner plugging a toaster into an already overloaded plug socket.

"Many of us fondly remember Charley Says from our childhood, so we wanted to use these beloved safety characters to raise awareness of an issue that is often overlooked," said Emma Apter from Electrical Safety First, the charity that has created the new series.

"Many people will be surprised by just how dangerous overloading sockets can be, so we hope this inspires people to change their behaviour."

Comedian Kenny Everitt provided Charley's 'meow' in the original series and his owner's voice was recorded by the son of Richard Taylor's neighbour.

The name of Charley's owner was never revealed in the original films, which were created for the government's Central Office For Information.

But when the series was voted the nation's favourite public information film in a BBC poll, Richard revealed that the boy's name was Dominic, in honour of the boy who provided his voice.

Watch the video above to see how David Walliams gets on filling these well-loved shoes.

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